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While rally racing maintained great favor amongst European race fans in the 1970's and 1980's it held only a small cult following in the United States. This is where the often untold story of America's X1/9 Pro Rally team occurs.

Dodge 2.2 Turbo II finds a new home in a classic Fiat X1/9

Like many X1/9 enthusiasts, Alan Arnold saw something magical in Bertone's creation and chose it for Chocolate Chip Racing. After powering a brown 1976 X1/9 through a successful stint in the Solo 1 racing scene he took the big step into pro rally. Over the next several years Alan Arnold and his navigator Teo Mesu drove nearly a dozen different customized X1/9's in SCCA and NARRA sanctioned pro rally events. The pair eventually called it quits in 1983 shortly after Fiat ended their presence in American racing.

Though his pro rally career ended more
than 20 years ago, Alan Arnold has not lost
his love for the Fiat X1/9. He is currently working
on what he hopes will be one of the most powerful
X1/9's ever built. The plan is to install a modified
Dodge 2.2 Turbo II and drive train into one of his favorite
X1/9's . This entire project is being chronicled and will be be posted for review and discussion here at X19Rally.Com

This is the original concept art for Chocolate Chip Racing's primary X1/9. There were many others over the years, some that met an untimley demise, but this one stood the test of time. In 1983 Chocolate Chip Racing traveled to St Louis, Missouri to participate in the famous 100 Acre Wood Rally for the third time. It currently serves as the 2005 Club Rally National Championship event. The North American Rally Association was founded by David Ash in 1976. Chocolate Chip Racing partcipated in many NARA sanctioned races over the years. This is an original race application from around 1979.
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